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Vacation Rental Trends

TripAdvisor: 2016 vacation rental trends survey results

lodging in Mont Tremblant, vacation rentalsTripAdvisor, with over 350 million unique visitors, is the world’s largest Travel Guide and appears in over 26 countries. The website’s latest survey asks more than 2,000 worldwide travelers what they want from their vacation rental experiences. The results of this survey show why more and more travelers choose vacation rental lodging in Mont Tremblant over a traditional hotel stay.


Below are the results from TripAdvisor’s Vacation Rental Trends survey:


1. 67% or more than 2/3 of travelers plan to stay in a vacation rental in 2016.

52% say they plan to stay in a vacation rental for 1week or longer
28% – 3 or 4 days
43% – 1 week
24% – 1 to 2 weeks



2. 69% plan to spend between $100 and $300 per night.


13% – Less than $100 per night
46% – $100 – $199 per night
23% – $200 – $299 per night
8% – $300 – $399 per night



3. Busy seasons are beginning to level out. When asked what month do you plan to stay in a vacation rental; the results were spread out between summer, winter and fall.


24% – July
22% – September/October
21% – February/March
20% – August



4. The following are the top 5 answers when asked which amenities/features motivate you to book a vacation rental.


82% – Great Views
67% – Washer/Dryer
46% – Private Pool
33% – Outdoor Grill
32% – Hot Tub


5. Cost savings is a big factor in choosing a vacation rental over a hotel room. 83% of travelers say cooking meals at home is the biggest cost saver. Here are the top 4 ways travelers say they save money booking a vacation rental:

83% – Dining in
72% – Cost compared to hotel
49% – Free parking
45% – Free laundry


6. Reviews play a major part when it comes to choosing a property. 99% of travelers would not book a vacation rental with primarily bad reviews. 72% say they would not book a vacation rental without reviews.


7. The information and images provided in a property’s listing play a big part in the success of that rental.

Below are the ‘most important’ aspects that travelers look for when considering a vacation rental.

Location Map & Details
Property Description
Property Name/Headline


The global vacation rental industry and lodging in Mont Tremblant is forever changing, adapting and developing to better suit the needs and wants of the international traveler.