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5 Ways to Safely Pay Online

Tremblant vacation rentals: 5 Ways to Safely Pay Online

Tremblant vacation rentalsWhen it comes to booking Tremblant vacation rentals online, how you pay could mean the difference between a great vacation and no vacation at all. Most of the big online vacation rental websites accept the most common payment types including PayPal, eChecks (electronic bank transfers) and credit or debit cards. Here are more details on each payment method:


1. Credit Cards
A credit card is the fastest and most secure payment option when booking a Tremblant vacation rental online. Credit card companies offer you the most protection against scammers and give you the option to dispute any questionable charges. Almost all credit card companies will even credit back your account while the charge in question is being disputed.


2. Checks
Paying with a personal check is generally a safe payment method when booking your Mont Tremblant vacation rental. However, it may be more difficult to recover lost funds id a problem should arise. Another thing to consider, most owners will not grant access to a rental property until the check has cleared which could take up to 10 days. If you are making last minute travel plans, paying by check may not be the best option.


3. eChecks
An eCheck or electronic check is another secure payment option. With an eCheck money is electronically withdrawn from your checking account and deposited directly into the owner’s checking account within days. While this form of payment is traceable and quick, once a transfer has been made it is difficult to recover in cases of fraud.


4. Paypal
You can feel secure when paying for any vacation rental through PayPal. Not only is it hassle-free but Paypal will keep your personal information safe from identity theft and other fraud. Additionally, if there is a problem it is easy to track the accounts holders.


5. Money Orders, Wire-transfers & Cash Payments
We suggest that you avoid using the following payment methods when booking Tremblant vacation rentals online. These payment options are most commonly used by scammers:


  • Advanced cash payments (Paying by cash in person on check-in day at the property is ok).
  • Checks made out to cash.
  • Money transfers such as Western Union or Money Gram.