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5 ways to save rentals

5 ways to save on chalet rentals in Mont Tremblant

chalet rentals in Tremblant

1. Negotiate: don’t be afraid to ask for a lower price
When searching through available chalet rentals in Mont Tremblant you will notice that rates for individual property will be posted as nightly, weekly or both. This doesn’t mean you always have to pay this price so don’t get discouraged if the price is more than you have planned to pay. If you see a property you like, contact the property manager or owner, let them know you are interested in renting their property, and ask if them if they can lower the price. This is most effective if you are searching for last-minute accommodations, you are plan to stay at least a week, or your traveling during an ‘off’ season.


chalet rentals in Mont TremblantLocation: choose a chalet located just outside of the resort
Rates for vacation rentals located within Mont Tremblant Resort are almost always higher then rates for rentals located just a short distance away. Keep in mind that a higher rate does not always mean nicer accommodations. Condo and chalet rentals within the resort are priced higher because they are considered to be in a ‘prime’ location and are close to the slopes and Village. This does not mean however, that the properties inside the Resort are any nicer than chalet rentals located just a little further away.


There are many affordable chalet rentals in Mont Tremblant that are located just minutes from the resort. If you are willing to forgo the convenience of walking everywhere than a chalet rental just minutes from the slopes may be the perfect option for you and your family.


chalet rentals in Tremblant3. Plan Ahead: Book early for better prices and bigger selection
Plan your vacation as far in advance as possible. Whether it’s six months or a year, booking your vacation rental ahead of time will insure that you have a larger selection to choose from at better prices. Price negotiation is another advantage to booking early. Some owners and managers would prefer to book a property early at a lower price than to hold out for a better rate and take the chance that the home stays empty.


When you book months in advance there are some precautions you should take. There is always the chance that something unavoidable will happen and you will have to cancel your vacation or change the dates. For this reason, it’s important that you look closely and understand the cancellation policy. Unlike hotels that let you cancel up to 24 hours in advance, vacation rentals in Tremblant typically have strict cancellation policies and many ask for a nonrefundable deposit.


chalet rentals in Mont Tremblant4. Be flexible with your dates
If you have some flexibility on what dates you can take your vacation then we have a way you can significantly reduce the price on a vacation rental. Owners and property managers strongly dislike those random un-booked gaps between bookings. Make a call or send an email to the owner or management company asking them if they have any gaps between reservations that they are trying to fill, and let them know you would be interested if they can give you a discounted price.


15. Don’t limit your search
Many people have a preferred “go-to” website they use when looking for lodging. But finding the best deals on and the lowest rates on vacation rentals means broadening your search. Don’t limit search to just one website, use multiple websites. We suggest starting with the bigger more well-known sites such as VRBO, TripAdvisor, Flipkey and Homeaway. Another good place to look is on aggregator sites like that gather vacation rental listings from multiple sources and displays them all in one place.


If you are familiar with the area try searching on local sites. These area specific websites will often list a chalet rental that may not be listed on the larger websites.