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5 Booking Tips

5 vacation rental tips for finding the perfect chalet

Mont Tremblant chalet rentals are an excellent alternative to a hotel stay and are easily available to locate and book online. However, it is important to recognize that searching for and booking a vacation rental online is much different from a hotel. No two Mont Tremblant chalet rentals are alike and the features, amenities and even the booking process will vary from property to property.


Below are 5 vacation rental tips to help you find the perfect Tremblant chalet rental.

1. Take Time & Read the Descriptions!
Take your time and read the descriptions for each Tremblant chalet rental you are interested in. Don’t just ‘skim’ over the descriptions. When you quickly scan over text it is very easy to read only highlighted or bolded comments such as, “Great Views”, “Just Minutes from the Resort”, etc. If you read the entire description there is often actual useful information that may include “no parking” or “pets not allowed”.


2. Read all the reviews
Don’t assume that a Tremblant chalet rental with excellent reviews is going to be an ideal choice for your vacation stay. Whether positive or negative, make sure you read the reviews before booking a rental. Even positive reviews can have information in them that you may not like. For instance, a 5-star review may say “I noticed the Jacuzzi was broken, but I wouldn’t have used it anyway”. While this guest had no use for a Jacuzzi, this amenity may be something you are specifically looking for.


3. Always verify the exact location
Titles and headings of Tremblant chalet rentals can often be misleading particularly when it comes to location. Phrases such as “walk to…” or “just steps from …” are frequently misused in descriptions for chalet rentals. Always get the property’s address and check out the location for yourself. With the address you can then use Google Earth or Street View to find the property and visually see the neighborhood and distance to pints of interest.


4. Don’t overlook hidden fees
If you have ever booked a vacation rental or a hotel room online through a 3rd party such VRBO or then you already know advertised nightly rates almost always exclude other fees. Nearly every Tremblant chalet rental will have an additional one time cleaning fee which could range from $50 to $300. Some may even charge for damage insurance instead of asking for a refundable damage deposit. Any additional fees may be notated in much smaller print nearer the end of a property’s description so read carefully.


5. Who do you contact if a problem should arise?
Keep in mind that many of the Mont Tremblant chalet rentals do not have the convenience of a hotel reception desk. If a problem should arise it is important that you have the contact information for either the owner of the property or the management company. If you book a Tremblant chalet rental that is part of a resort community such as Bel Air Resort & Residences then you will have access to a reception desk and onsite guest services staff to assist you throughout your stay.