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Occupancy Rates

Tremblant monthly occupancy rates

Monthly occupancy rates for lodging in Mont Tremblant vary greatly depending upon the season. Tremblant vacation rental statistics are not published but monthly occupancy rates for hotels area available online. Those travelers interested in saving money on lodging can use these occupancy rates and plan their trip around low season.


Surprisingly the busiest months of the year for Tremblant vacation rentals and hotels is not in winter but during the months of July and August. Tremblant vacation rental statistics* that are available from Ville de Mont-Tremblant confirm that summer months are the busiest. This is mainly due to the abundance of outdoor activities that are available throughout the Laurentians and of course, the weather is perfect. The climate is warm but not too humid with average temperatures ranging from 77° to 86° (25° to 30° Celsius). The large amount of available activities accompanied by ideal weather conditions attracts visitors from all around the world.


Rates rise again in winter when high season starts. January is the coldest month and when it starts to get busy and monthly occupancy rates start to rise. By February and March winter’s high season is at full swing and rates are at their highest for winter.


If you plan on visiting during the peak months we recommend that you plan well in advance in order to get the best possible rental rates. Below we have posted the monthly occupancy rates in Mont Tremblant for 2017.


Tremblant vacation rental statistics