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Vacation Rental Trends

Tremblant vacation rental seasons

Tremblant vacation rentalTremblant vacation rental seasons are directly related to rental fees vacationers are expected to pay to rent a condo or chalet in Tremblant. During high season and premium periods the rates will be at their highest. Weekly rates for Mont Tremblant vacation rentals can increase by as much as 100% compared to the rates during low season.


The steady flow of visitors slows down in transitional seasons during the months of November and December then again in April and May.


Mont Tremblant vacation rental seasons are very easy to understand, it is mainly during the ski season and during the summer. Holidays usually will coincide with high season periods in the region. It is important to know that holidays in the USA and in Europe will also influence the occupancy rates of hotels and vacation rentals. American visitors will come for a long week end whereas European visitors will usually stay for a week or more.


Mont Tremblant also features a large number of events and festivals throughout the year. During these that have a strong influence on occupancy rates and prices. Two of the most important event in the region is undoubtedly Ironman, athletes are flocking to tremblant not only during the event but also will come and train in the region.


If you are planning to visit Tremblant during high season periods we suggest that you book in advance to secure a lodging and to pay a reasonable rental rate.


Visitors should check monthly lodging occupancy rates to anticipate demand and prices that they will be charged to stay in a Tremblant hotel or vacation rental during particular periods.