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Who books rentals

Who books chalet rentals in Mont Tremblant?

Mont Tremblant tourismDuring certain times of the year a majority of Mont Tremblant tourism is made up primarily of Quebecois and Ontarians. They account for a majority of the guests that book chalet rentals in Mont Tremblant at last minute. Most of them live within a two hour drive from Tremblant and have booked a chalet rental to enjoy a quick and relaxing weekend getaway. The surge in popularity of chalet rentals in Tremblant and other provinces make them a favorite lodging choice for both locals and tourists.


1- Locals from Quebec or Ontario
Roughly 65% of the guests staying in Mont Tremblant chalet rentals are within driving distance and live in the surrounding provinces. The close proximity of their homes to Mont Tremblant makes it any easy choice for last minute travel and weekend getaways. They come during winter months to take advantage of the superb skiing and in summertime to enjoy the many warm weather activities.


2- Tourists
Winter & summer months bring many tourists from North America. The Laurentian region attracts many European tourists during the summer time many of which choose to stay in chalet rentals in Tremblant. Mont Tremblant tourism also include many visitors from Latin America come mostly during the winter and the Japanese tourists come during the fall months to enjoy the incredible change of colors.