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Hotels vs. Rentals

Hotel vs. Vacation Rental in Tremblant?

Before deciding where to stay in Mont Tremblant take a look at some of the benefits between renting a hotel vs. vacation rental. Mont Tremblant offers a wide selection of accommodations from hotels to vacation rental condos, chalets, and minilofts.


If you are traveling alone then the typical hotel room is often the best choice. However, if you are traveling with a group of friends or planning a family vacation, why would you stay in a confined hotel room? Tremblant vacation rentals offer much more value for your dollar. Vacation chalets and condos provide more space, more privacy and often include more services and amenities than a hotel.


Not only do Tremblant vacation rentals provide more space and privacy when traveling with a group, but they are convenient and more cost effective than a hotel. With a vacation rental, everyone stays under the same roof. Chalet and condo rentals are perfect for families and friends who want to share common living areas and enjoy each other’s company while on vacation.


Look at the chart below before making your decision on where to stay in Mont Tremblant.

where to stay in Mont Tremblant, locations vacances TremblantVacation Rentals locations vacances Tremblant, where to stay in Mont TremblantHotel Rooms
Lower Rates Average weekly rate:
$1200 for 1 bedroom condo
$1750 for 2 bedroom condo
$3000 for 3 bedroom home
$4600 for 5 bedroom home
Average weekly rate:
$1500 for 1 bedroom suite
$3300 for 2 one bedroom suites
$7800 for 3 one bedroom suites
$10400 for 4 one bedroom suites
More Space Average vacation rental is 2,510 square feet. Average hotel rooms is 334 square feet.
More Privacy Sleep late: No maid service knocking on door early mornings.
No noise from other side of the wall or from late night partiers.
Private amenites: pool, hot tub and boat dock.
Daily maid service knocking on your door.
Noise from every angle from rooms above, below and next to yours.
Amenities such as pool & hot tub which are shared with everyone.
Save by Preparing Meals Vacation rentals have fully equipped kitchens: Save money by cooking your own meals. Overpriced room service, mini-bars and onsite restaurants can get expensive when you have to eat out 3 meals a day.
More lodging choices Many Property choices:
Mountain Chalets
Lakefront Cabins
Waterfront Villas
Luxury Homes
Standard Hotel Room with a choice of Queen, King or Twin beds and a water, garden, lake, or other view.
Pet Friendly? Don’t want to leave a loved pet behind? Many vacation rentals in Tremblant are pet friendly and have ample room for them to run. Not many hotel welcome pets and te few that do have weight restrictions.
Free Amenities Most Tremblant rentals will include free Wi-Fi, parking, pool, hot tub, babysitting, tennis and more. May hotel charge for parking, Internet service and resort fees for gym & spa use, towel service, etc.
Extra Costs No hidden or unexpected costs. You pay in advance and have a contract that outilines all charges. Extra Towel Fee Luggage holding fee
Wi-Fi Internet charges
Parking fee and more