According to your expectations and your needs, the sports coach accompanies you in your process of physical and mental change. The interest is to help you set 100% personalized goals. These goals will allow you to reach a new dynamic and to better realize yourself. So don’t look for excuses not to go to the gym! Mont-Tremblant’s sports coaches are there to support you. Their analysis, encouragement, presence, and friendliness will allow you to really feel supported to help you push your limits!

Here is our selection:

Coach David Amorim

David is a sports coach offering: fitness, weight loss, muscular reinforcement, endurance / cardio

Virginie Dufresne Coach - Athlete

Private and semi-private training and adapted programs in weight training, running, cycling and swimming.

Robert Roy

With over 20 years of experience, Robert is an expert in training athletes for strength, speed, and endurance. As a recognized Kinesiologist, accomplished athlete and IRONMAN University certified, there is no doubt that Robert is the coach of choice in the region for the goal-oriented.