River fishing in Mont-Tremblant

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River fishing is a delightful type of fishing for anyone who enjoys the sport and especially in Mont Tremblant . Official Mont Tremblant tells you all about river fishing in Mont Tremblant.

River fishing  is more challenging than lake fishing and often requires more skill and patience because you need to find the fish position carefully. After all, the water flow makes it difficult to get to the right spot. You also have to cast farther and work your bait better to reach your potential catch.

It is more challenging to learn how to master the river to catch fish. First, you need to understand how the river flows and cast your bait to get the best results. River Fishing can also be a little more intimidating because of its rocky banks and slippery rocks. Fishing in a river can take longer than fishing in a lake because you need to travel further and change your bait more often due to more variables in a river. 

In Mont Tremblant the Diable River is certainly an awesome fishing spot.

From may to october, 11 access points are available along more than 20km of the magnificent Diable River surrounding the village of Mont-Tremblant for you to practice fly-fishing or angling. There are several different fish species such as trout, pike and bass that wade in these waters depending on the sector. 

Fly fishing fanatics are invited to join the Moucheurs Endiablés Fishing Club.  These passionate members help maintain river accessibility to help ensure the sustainability of this river activity. 

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