Pilates is a gentle discipline, to be practiced without moderation. The Pilates classes offered in Mont-Tremblant are for everyone, because the exercises, although demanding, are neither violent nor traumatic for the body. Thus, women and men, athletes or not, the elderly, injured or recovering, stressed, tired, suffering from stiffness, pregnant women or those who have just given birth can practice Pilates. This method is progressive and the exercises can be adapted according to the level, the needs of each person, and the possible pathologies.

Here is a list of Pilates studios we recommend in Mont-Tremblant

Kinesiologist Pilates on table

This studio offers a workout using the pilates tables. Excellent for a wide range of clients.  This type of training aims to strengthen deep muscles, work on flexibility, posture, balance and proprioception. Small group workouts are supervised by a kinesiologist 


Carolina Akland, certified Pilates instructor and founder of MindBodyPlace, offers small group, semi-private and private classes. According to Carolina, Pilates also exercises our mind-body connection, which remains one of the main keys to physical well-being.