Windsurfing in Mont-Tremblant

Official Mont-Tremblant gives you more information on the things to do in Mont-Tremblant including windsurfing in Mont-Tremblant.

When thinking about Mont Tremblant, windsurfing is not really the first thing that crosses your mind. But among the summer activities that you will find in Mont Tremblant, windsurfing is indeed one of them and it’s a very fun one so we warmly recommend you to give it a try !

You don’t need to be super-fit and strong to windsurf. Modern equipment is light, stable and easier to manoeuvre than it used to be.

And believe us ; You’ll become obsessed with wind if you fall in love with windsurfing. 

Official Mont Tremblant has checked for you the best options for a memorable session of Windsurfing on Mont Tremblant lake, and here is our best choice ; 

CENTRE NAUTIQUE PIERRE PLOUFFE: The convenient lakeside location of this watersports center makes it the place to go if you want to experience Lac Tremblant windsurfing.

Location: 2900 Chemin du Village, Mont-Tremblant

Phone: 888-681-5634


Windsurfing in Mont-Tremblant