Road cycling in Mont Tremblant offers information on road cycling in Tremblant as well as other fun family activities and things to do in Tremblant.

If you are visiting the region and looking for things to do in Tremblant, road cycling in Tremblant is a great activity that the entire family can participate in. Because of the extraordinary and compelling scenery, road cycling has always been a popular activity with Canadians. Whether its winter, spring, summer or fall, road cycling in Tremblant is a great experience and is the best way to get an up close view of the spectacular natural surroundings native to the Mont-Tremblant region.

The marvelous scenery and the challenge of the Laurentians has always drawn cyclist to Canada but over the past few years Mont-Tremblant has become a major destination for recreational and road cycling. Other than the scenery, there are many other reasons that contribute greatly to the recent increase in popularity of road cycling in Mont Tremblant.


Road cycling draws many more bike enthusiasts to Mont-Tremblant because:

  • Annual competitions such as Ironman, 24 hour cycling & the Gran Fondo .
  • The City spent tons of money to repave its roads for Ironman making them also perfect for road cycling.
  • With the various levels of terrain, road cycling in Tremblant is ideal for beginner, intermediate and expert riders.
  • Scenery is idyllic and includes pastures, valleys, wooden ravines, lakes and mountains.
  • There is no heavy traffic and little road congestion in Tremblant.
  • Drivers in Tremblant and the surrounding regions are cautious and respectful of cyclists.
  • The opening of many great stores where locals and visitors can buy or rent bicycles of all sorts.
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