Escape Game in Mont-Tremblant

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If the weather is not good or , if you just feel like taking a little break from the slopes or the trails and  spending a fun moment with your family and friends, look no further ! Official Mont Tremblant has something perfect for you ! Escape rooms truly are the perfect indoor activity for those who wish to test their minds while also keeping nice and warm inside.

With so much focus these days on apps and digital games, it’s refreshing to have a real-world challenge that the whole family can participate in  so kids and grown-ups can forget the weather and enjoy the puzzles. So for the most thrilling indoor adventure we have selected for you the Escape game Mission Liberté. Will you lead your team to victory, or be trapped forever? One thing is sure : You’ll laugh, joke, and make memories the whole way through.

There are different escape rooms at Mission Liberté, each of them for an approximative duration of 1h15 , and with a different level of difficulty.



3035 chemin de la chapelle, mont tremblant, 

(819) 717-3935

Escape Game in Mont-Tremblant