Three Villages

The City of Mont-Tremblant is divided into three separate areas referred to as ‘villages’. Each of the three villages of Mont Tremblant has its own unique set of characteristics and is quite different from the other.

In 2002, the municipalities of St. Jovite, Saint-Jovite Parrish, Mont Tremblant, and Lac-Tremblant-Nord merged and became the City of Mont-Tremblant. Several years later Lac-Tremblant-Nord separated from the City of Mont-Tremblant and became its own municipality. Today the town of Mont-Tremblant is made up of three sectors, the Resort, the Old Village, and Downtown, formerly Saint-Jovite.

Downtown (St Jovite)

The quaint commercial district is located less than 6.5 miles from the resort and is considered Tremblant’s city center. It is home to City Hall, the Police station, a library and post office, a church, an indoor/outdoor hockey arena and a couple schools.

The main street is shaded by trees and lined with old buildings, banks, antique shops and several restaurants.

Ski Station (Pedestrian Village)

The Ski Station Village or ‘Pedestrian Village’ is located at the foot of the mountain and is the center of action offering activities 365 days a year. Automobiles are prohibited in the Resort Village and for this reason is often referred to as the ‘Pedestrian Village’.
This lively area is home to numerous restaurants, bars, boutiques, a movie theater and an assortment of accommodations from resort hotels to vacation condos.

Old Village

This charming village located at the edge of Lake Mercer is home to quaint B&Bs, relaxing inns, boutiques and first-rate restaurants.
The Old Village is home to the an old train station . Winding through this village is a bike path that doubles as a trail for cross-country skiing in the winter months. This quiet village is a relaxing place live and visit.