Meditation is an exercise of the mind which aims to help our mind to forget our harmful, superfluous and even harmful thoughts.  Mont-Tremblant’s beautiful setting in the heart of nature, the clean air and the surrounding silence is the ideal place to meditate.

Here are 2 centers that we recommend in Mont-Tremblant.

Mont-Tremblant Meditation

Marilou organizes mantra meditation sessions, outdoors in Mont-Tremblant or virtually
This type of meditation consists of slowly repeating a mantra 108 times while breathing deeply. Concentrate on saying the mantra so that it resonates within you, creating a state of well-being and letting go of your mind.

Yoga Meditation Canada

Yoga Meditation Canada offers meditation classes, gatherings and retreats in many locations across Canada including Mont-Tremblant. All teachers are long-time practitioners of mantra meditation. Their vast experience allows them to help you achieve your optimal physical, mental and spiritual well-being.