Restaurants in Old Village, Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant old village restaurants will offer the cultural tastes of the Laurentian Mountains as well as the finest cuisines. Most restaurants use sustainable farms from the local area for their poultry, vegetables, and even steaks! From duck confit, to the ever popular salmon filet, it’s all organic . These typical dishes are prepared by renowned chefs who add a touch of their own mastery to make your meal into a piece of art.  

However, the majority of restaurants in town serve your typical fare of poutine, fish and chips, grilled chicken or salmon, steak and fritz, and many other desirable french fared foods with a Canadian twist. Be sure to check out all the delicious dining  options available while visiting Mont Tremblant on your next vacation! Mont Tremblant’s old village restaurants have been around for decades and have earned a reputable name for themselves among comparable international fares.