Restaurants in Downtown Tremblant (Sant-Jovite)

Downtown Mont Tremblant restaurants are open year round, and offer all types of cuisines for any seasonal occasion. Want a steaming poutine to warm you up before hitting the slopes in wintertime? Want to try an old school creamery- or fresh squeezed lemonade during the hot summer months?

One thing that is really great about downtown is that it offers an adorable main street… Rue de Saint-Jovite. With charming historical homes, adorable terraces, antique stores, and delectable restaurants; you won’t go wrong finding local and international cuisine along this popular block. If you are in the mood for sushi and then want a Canadian beaver tail for dessert, there’s nothing stopping you!

Many of these restaurants get extremely busy during high season (both winter and summer)…, so be sure to make a reservation before going out to eat!

This historical area is the true, original heart and soul of Mont Tremblant! It definitely deserves half a day of exploring to build up an appetite! Bon appetit!

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