Nature lovers and those who want an incredible experience must try camping in Mont-Tremblant. This region offers endless possibilities for all your outdoor adventures. From pristine mountain lakes and exciting whitewater rivers to panoramic hiking and biking trails, you’ll need to spend a few days here just to scratch the surface.

Happily, camping near Mont-Tremblant is both plentiful and beautiful with options to suit every type of camper. Summer activities include standup paddleboarding, fishing, kayaking, and even canoeing in a traditional birch bark rabaska canoe once used by Algonquian travelers. The camping spots in Tremblant are easily accessible to visitors traveling by vehicle. Plus, many drive-in campsites are located on or near the water, so they feature great paddling right out your tent door or just a short drive away. Campers can choose between ready-to-camp tents, canoe-camping trips, cabins, huts, and yurts.