Buy an ATV in Mont-Tremblant

Official Mont-Tremblant provides information on the summer activities in Tremblant including how and where to buy an ATV in Mont-Tremblant. Mont Tremblant is one of the best places for those who love to ride ATV. An ATV is an All Terrain Vehicle, also known as Light Utility Vehicle (LUV), or a quad .

An ATV is a 2 to 8 wheels vehicle that has a motor and is designed for riding on unpaved surfaces. ATV is a fun and thrilling way to explore the enchanting mountains and forests of Mont Tremblant and to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Laurentians.

No doubt  you will have a blast riding an ATV in Mont Tremblant !If you want to buy an ATV. ,Official Mont Tremblant gives you all the information you need. Fall and winter are when you will find the best prices on an ATV, particularly if you live in Canada with marked differences in the seasons.

Near the end of the year before new models are released is also a great time to buy an ATV because dealers are motivated to sell that year’s models before they need to stock the new ones.

Just before the holidays is usually a less than favorable time to buy an ATV because there will be increased demand, but this could work in your favor if a dealer is offering a sale.


Here are the store that is selling ATV’s in Mont Tremblant and that we recommend :

Motoplex Mont Tremblant

175, Route 117, MONT-TREMBLANT

819 681-6686