Cycling events in Mont-Tremblant

Official Mont-Tremblant brings you information on the summer activities in Tremblant including cycling events in Mont-Tremblant.

Mont-Tremblant is a one-of-a-kind destination for both recreational and sport cyclists who will be absolutely amazed by the beauty of the countryside. The cycling festival (that includes Gran Fondo) and the 808 Bonneville challenge are the main cycling events in Mont Tremblant.



The cycling festival Crossroads Tremblant takes place every year in spring . This gathering of cyclists is one of the original festivals and events that contribute to the dynamism of the region. Crossroads invites cycling lovers to participate in a series of competitions, demos, and good times for riders of all levels.

The Cycling Festival  includes the Canada and Quebec Mountain Bike Cups, the Gravel Fondo and the Gran Fondo Mont-Tremblant, takes place every year  in spring  at Tremblant Resort 

Crossroads Tremblant is a world-class festival of mountain and road biking in the heart of beautiful Mont-Tremblant where cyclists from road to rock unite in camaraderie, adrenaline, and shared passion for the sport, as they  explore the region on two wheels. Each time, festival-goers are charmed by the village of Mont-Tremblant and its surroundings. And appreciate the warm welcome of the local population.

Location : Resort Tremblant, 1000 Chemin des Voyageurs, Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 1T1



The Bonneville 808 Challenge is a cycling event, for all kinds of cyclists, on your road or electric bike.

The route is divided into four stages of approximately 100 km each. Whether they are riding solo or with a team, participants must complete each section before going on to the next. At the end of each section, all participants go through a timing station, where they can do their team relays or rest before resuming the ride. Participants in the 808 Challenge must complete the route twice.


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