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Tremblant’s 24h is Quebec’s #1 winter sport challenge! Starting on Saturday  at noon until Sunday at noon, teams of 6 to 12 participants relay each other for 24 consecutive hours either skiing, snowboarding, alpine touring, walking, running or  walking & running. In the weeks leading up to the event, participants undertake a donation drive from which all profits go to three important foundations dedicated to children’s causes.. This annual fundraiser, organized by Foundation 24h Tremblant, has raised over $32 million for children’s causes since 2001. This skiing event takes place over a 24 hour period.

Mont Tremblant 24 hour ski relay is the largest social gathering of the year in Mont Tremblant. This annual event attracts sports enthusiasts, philanthropists, and celebrities from all over the globe. 

Over 3-day period in December people of all ages will come together for a good cause and enjoy numerous events and festivities including free concerts. The race begins at the base of the Cabriolet lift with an opening parade at noon on Saturday. The race ends at noon time the following day. The relay is open to skiers and snowboarders of all skill.

24h Tremblant