Hotels in Downtown Tremblant (St Jovite) are great because they are very affordable and they give guests and tourists a great vacation experience.
St.Jovite is a neighborhood in Mont-Tremblant, and it is lined with historic old homes with shaded terraces, antique shops, restaurants, and sidewalk cafes.
These hotels provide basic amenities and good comfort, for example, amenities like Satellite TV, pool, jacuzzi and more. Most of these hotels are of 4-star and 5-star ratings, with guest rooms and suites with the finest furnishings and decor. They are often located near tourist activities, offering access to both nearby attractions and public transit. These are great hotels that can fulfill all your needs.

$128 - $215 /Per night

$139 - $148 /Per night

$152 - $156 /Per night

$58 - $117 /Per night

$166 - $279 /Per night