Buggy in Mont-Tremblant

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Exploring Mont Tremblant on a buggy can be so much fun ! A buggy is a recreational motor vehicle with large wheels, and wide tires, designed for use on sand dunes, beaches, or roads, snowy or not. Buggies can navigate almost on every terrain Buggy is usually  an enclosed cabin , heated if needed for more comfort.

Buggies are the best choice for people that want to drive around with a passenger. So if you are staying in Mont Tremblant with children, friends, or a partner, having an experience together can be an amusing idea, rather than having a solo adventure. It is for sure a family-friendly option

There are few technical differences between a dune buggy and an ATV  including their engines, size, road legality, tires, performance enhancements etc….

Buggies are a lot safer than ATV because buggies have a roll cage which can help to keep the passengers safer and reduce the chances of injuries if, one the rare occasion a rollover happens.

ATVs and buggies are both off-road vehicles that can be used on similar terrains and for the same purposes. ATVs are used for shorter distances, while buggies can be used to cross larger distances for several days of travel. Both can be used for off-roading fun but whether you’re riding a dune buggy or an ATV , just remember to be safe, have fun, and happy off-roading!

Buggy in Mont-Tremblant