Ultralight aircraft flights in Mont-Tremblant

Official Mont-Tremblant gives you more information on the activities in Mont-Tremblant including ultra light aircraft flights.

Get closer to nature, get a perspective of Mont Tremblant that you can’t get from the ground. You can fly around Mont Tremblant, passing through Mont Tremblant National Park, around the mountain or over the summit, and then along the long and beautiful Lac Tremblant, see  the winding Rivière Rouge or  the beautiful waterfalls in Labelle. Official Mont Tremblant has selected for you the best professional and dedicated pilots for an amazing Ultra Light tour over Mont Tremblant.

Airplane tours in Mont Tremblant are offered by Aero Loisirs located at Mont Tremblant International Airport. Aero Loisirs offers 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 minute airplane tours that are personalized to your tastes. A skilled pilot will take you up in a 3 passenger Cessna for an experience of a lifetime.  RATES: https://aeroloisirs.com/en/airplane-tour/

Pilot for a day: Have you ever dreamed of flying a plane? If the answer is yes, then you are in luck. In addition to airplane tours in Mont Tremblant, Aero Loisirs also offers an activity called ‘Pilot for a Day’.  This activity gives you the chance to fly high above the Laurentian Mountains and take control of the plane. An experienced flight instructor will give you a 1-hour class on the basics of flying and standard airplane operation. The instructor will then walk you through a pre-flight check before you take off on a 50 minute flight. Once you land back at the Air Field you will have a 15 minute debriefing. You are welcome to invite two passengers along for the ride. RATES: https://aeroloisirs.com/en/airplane-tour/



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Ultralight Aircrafts in Mont-Tremblant