Laser Game in Mont-Tremblant

Official Mont-Tremblant gives you more information on Tremblant indoor activities including laser game in Mont-Tremblant. After a day of skiing or hiking, the laser tag space of Mont Tremblant welcomes you for a true moment of fun and relaxation with the family. Official Mont Tremblant gives you information about laser tag in Mont Tremblant. Laser Tag is a fun sport that a person of any age can play. 

Unlike paintball where it hurts when you get hit leading to welts or bruises, in a laser tag game, simply your pack shuts down temporarily when you’re tagged. Its completely painless and can be played several times without getting hurt or hurt anyone.

It can also appeal to any type of player, whether for those looking to have fun, or a competitive group wanting a challenge. Whatever you have in mind, Official Mont Tremblant has selected for you the best Laser Tag in Mont Tremblant to add fun and excitement.



118 Chemin de Kandahar, Mont Tremblant

(819) 681-7777

Laser game in Mont-Tremblant