Treehouse rentals in Mont-Tremblant

Who in his childhood, didn’t dream of sleeping in a treehouse?

Well we have good news for you…in Mont tremblant you will be able to fullfill this wish  of spending a night in a room nestled among the branches, and immerse yourself in nature and fresh air. 

These days treehouse hotels are very trendy around the world. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable lodging or  something rustic to reconnect to nature, there is a treehouse hotel out there for you in Tremblant .

So get ready for this amazing adventure and wilderness experience!

For a romantic getaway or family vacation with the kids, have a look at our selection of treehouses in Mont Tremblant.


Treehouse By Kasania

3 Chem des Quatre-Sommets

Mont Tremblant

877 287 0036


Les refuges perchés Mont Tremblant

5000 Chem du lac Caribou


819 681 4994

Treehouse rentals