Soak up the sounds of summer in Mont Tremblant with a lineup of extraordinary music events! The season starts with “Les Rythmes Tremblant” from July 6th to August 12th, an exciting series showcasing a range of musical styles and talents. Experience the soulful melodies of the Tremblant International Blues Festival in July, an unforgettable event for all music lovers. In August, get lost in the rhythm of jazz at the Festi Jazz Mont-Tremblant, a celebration of the genre’s immense talent. The musical journey concludes with the captivating “Fête de la Musique de Tremblant” from September 1st to 4th, a four-day extravaganza set amidst Tremblant’s stunning landscapes. Prepare for a summer filled with musical enchantment in Mont Tremblant!

Les Rythmes Tremblant 2023

With Les Rythmes Tremblant 2023 , immerse yourself in one of the musical event of summer 2023 in Mont Tremblant. This exciting event series showcases new music and brings you free outdoor concerts in a festive and relaxed atmosphere. Discover talented artists from Quebec and across Canada as they grace the stage, offering a diverse range of musical styles that will make you feel the pulse of country, disco, Latin, and funk.
“Les Rythmes Tremblant” is a celebration for the entire family, set in the heart of Tremblant’s charming village. With three distinct musical themes and a total of 10 days dedicated to music, there’s something to captivate and delight every attendee.

From July 6th to 9th, immerse yourself in the captivating sounds of “Les Rythmes Tremblant New Music,” where you’ll have the opportunity to discover emerging artists and stay in tune with the latest musical trends.

From July 20th to 22nd, prepare for an unforgettable journey with “Les Rythmes Tremblant New Country,” as the village comes alive with the authentic twang of guitars and the soulful melodies of country music.

Finally, from August 10th to 12th, let yourself be transported to exotic destinations with “Les Rythmes Tremblant Latin Music,” as the irresistible rhythms of Latin beats envelop you in a vibrant and energetic ambiance.

Don’t miss out on these remarkable musical encounters as Mont Tremblant transforms into a lively stage, offering a summer spectacle that will ignite your senses and create lasting memories.

Tremblant International Blues Festival 2023

Get ready to groove to the rhythm of the blues at the Tremblant International Blues Festival, a summer 2023 musical event in Mont Tremblant . Held annually in July, this world-class music event features renowned blues artists from around the globe. Enjoy electrifying performances, jam sessions, and outdoor concerts that fill the air with soulful melodies. Whether you’re a blues aficionado or simply appreciate great music, this festival promises an unforgettable experience.

Festi Jazz Mont Tremblant

Groove to the rhythm of jazz at the Festi Jazz Mont-Tremblant 2023 , located in the vibrant Downtown Mont-Tremblant. This highly anticipated music festival, now in its 16th edition in 2023, promises an extraordinary musical experience. Prepare to be captivated by a colorful program of over 40 free concerts, showcasing the immense talent of jazz musicians. Immerse yourself in the soulful melodies and vibrant energy as talented musicians fill the air with captivating jazz tunes. Let the Festi Jazz Mont-Tremblant transport you to a world of pure musical enchantment !

Fête de la Musique de Tremblant

Experience an unforgettable musical celebration amidst the stunning landscapes of Mont-Tremblant at La Fête de la Musique de Tremblant 2023 , this beautiful musical event. From September 1st, immerse yourself in a four-day extravaganza featuring captivating performances by acclaimed artist Angèle Dubeau and more. Discover the perfect fusion of nature’s beauty and musical excellence at this enchanting event.