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Treehouse Rentals

camping in Mont Tremblant treehouse rentals

Nature lovers and those that want an incredible experience must try camping in Mont Tremblant’s National Park. With nearly 600 square miles (1,510 Km2), six rivers and 400 lakes, there’s plenty of blue water and lush landscape for everyone to enjoy. Located in the Laurentian Mountains, Tremblant National Park is divided into three sections offering over 1,000 campsites.

Period: May 15 to September 7, 2020
canoe camping in Mont TremblantFor a change of pace and to explore the deepest recesses of nature, Try a canoe-camping outing for a change of pace and to explore nature close up. The Diable and the L’Assomption are the Tremblant National Park’s two main rivers and are both good for long or short outings.


Period: May 15 to October 12, 2020
Enjoy camping without having to bring your own equipment. Ready-to-camps are for those that want to enjoy simple and hassle-free camping. They can sleep up to six adults and come with a space heater, small refrigerator and everything you need to cook a meal.


Echo cabin campingPeriod: year-round
The Echo cabins are the newest form of camping in Mont Tremblant Park. These tiny modern cabins will sleep four people. They include a well-equipped kitchen with everything you need for preparing meals. There is also a living room with wood stove, toilet and a shower.


Period: year-round
Nature lovers will love the EXP cabins designed with large windows bringing nature inside. Each cabin is fully equipped with an electric stove, refrigerator, toilet, shower, and all the equipment you need for making and serving meals. EXP cabins sleep two people.


nature cabin, camping in Mont TrenblantPeriod: varies by location of cabin
Stay in one of our 10 Nature cabins. These comfortable and fully equipped cabins can sleep up to 4 people. Set in the heart of the activity area, they make perfect base camps for your excursions.


yurt camping in TremblantPeriod: varies by location of cabin
A Yurt is a portable circular tent made of felt or skins traditionally used by nomads of Central Asia. A yurt can accommodate up to four people and is fully equipped with stove, fridge, hot water and shower, fireplace or wood stove, as well as all the equipment you need for preparing and serving meals.