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Cross Country Ski

Top 3 places to cross country skiing in Mont Tremblant

Cross country skiing in Tremblant was actually the first form of skiing to existed on the mountain. In 1920, pioneer Hermann “Jackrabbit” Smith-Johannsen cleared the first cross country ski paths through the region. Today, these paths have become an enormous network of quality cross country ski trails and the foundation for what may be one of the most popular Mont Tremblant activities.


With over 80 miles of trails, cross country skiing in Tremblant is a great way to experience the region’s picturesque surroundings and a chance to see the local wildlife up-close. This is a great activity for all ages and even though it can be a physically demanding sport many senior citizens enjoy it as well.


Cross country skiing is a great alternative sport to do during the winter’s high season when the mountain is busy and crowded. The region offers the perfect setting for cross country skiing with nearly 130 miles of extensive trails throughout its three major parks; Domain St-Bernard, Mont Tremblant National Park, and a multi-functional linear park called P’tit Train du Nord.

539, Chemin Saint-Bernard, Mont-tremblant
1 819 425-5588

Domaine Saint-Bernard offers cross country skiing in Mont Tremblant on a network of 47 miles of trails. These trails take you through forests, across meadows and past streams and lakes including the Diable River. Enjoy some of the best panoramic views from highest vantage points along the mountain trails.

cross country skiing Tremblant, Domaine Saint-Bernard

4456, chemin du Lac-Supérieur, Lac-Supérieur
1 819 688-2281

The La Diable sector of the park offers 52 miles of trails for cross country skiing in Tremblant. The network of trails includes 6 groomed paths that range from easy to very difficult. You can take a break at one of the 6 warming huts heated with a wood stove.

cross country skiing Tremblant National Park

1000 Chemin des Voyageurs, Mont-Tremblant
1 866 783-5633


Cross country skiing in Mont Tremblant features 68 miles of trails for both beginners and experts. Trails start near of P2 parking lot on B1 trail at the resort.

Bel Air Resort
80 rue des Sept Sommets, La Conception, QC J0T 1MO
1 819-341-4577


The Cross-country skiing paradise !!!The trails are spread out through Bel Air ranging from easy to difficult.

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