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Snowboarding at Mont Tremblant snow parks

Mont Trembant snow parksSnowboarders have access to 30 acres of landscaped terrain in three different Mont Tremblant snow parks located on the mountain.


Mont Tremblant snowboarding has become one of the most popular sports in the world next to skiing. Due to its one board fits all stance, the surfing like style of snowboarding allows for more tricks and turns on a single board over two separate skis. This sport has increased in so much popularity that it even has been added to the X Games and Winter Olympics as one of the most thrilling sports to watch the twists and turns of the snowboarder in the air. 


Mont Tremblant’s snowboarders now have a place to call their own. In the past few years, Mont Tremblant winter sports enthusiasts have, by popular demand, have had quite a few Mont Tremblant snow parks built for tricks and practicing in recent years . 


Adrenaline park, for example, offers over 30 jumps, twists and turns. It’s got every type of sports equipment needed to get a great jump except for a half pipe. There are three parks total overlooking the panoramic views of Lake Tremblant and the surrounding countryside. New additions are added every year to help make the course more competitive and challenging for former riders. Such additions include adding a wide variety of modules, countered tracks, ramps and jumps.  Mont Tremblant snowboarding enthusiasts have quite a selection of Mont Tremblant snow parks to call home. Included below are a few of the many winter sporting venues that are regularly visited by locals and tourists alike open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 


One of the most popular snowboarding events to attend in Mont Tremblant resort include the Air Nation Freestyle Tour, hosted annually every February from the 1st – 2rd. Other events include training and qualifications for snowboarders to compete at the Official Training on February 12th, and the Boston Ski and Snowboard Show takes place from November 10  through November 13.