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driving in Mont Tremblant

Many people that have planned a Mont Tremblant vacation will be traveling to the resort by car. The drive from Montreal, Toronto and even the United States is pleasant and the directions are easy. Driving in Mont Tremblant is easy once you arrive at the resort and there is ample parking in one of the city public parking lots, garages and there is free hotel parking.


Click on the links below for driving directions to Mont Tremblant:

  • Directions from Montreal
  • Directions from Toroto
  • Directions from United States


US drivers should note that the speed limit signs in Canada are indicated in kilometers not miles. Also, the Canadian police are very strict in monitoring driver speed limits on highways. Also, speed traps set up by the local police is very common in Mont-Tremblant.


If air travel or another form of transportation is included with your Mont Tremblant vacation plans you may want to consider renting a car once you arrive. Driving in Mont Tremblant will allow you to see and enjoy the many captivating and beautiful places that region surrounding Mont-Tremblant has to offer.  A car rental in Tremblant will give you the freedom to coma and go as you please and at your own pace.


Currently there are no car rental companies in or around Mont Tremblant. If you plan to rent a car you would need to contact a rental company at Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport or elswhere in Montreal.

Follow this link to to book a car rental at the airport in Montreal: Montreal airport car rentals