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Lift Ticket Deals

How to find great Tremblant lift ticket deals

Skiing can be an expensive sport especially for avid skiers; but it doesn’t have to be. To help cut the cost down here are several tips that will save you money and show you how to locate Tremblant lift ticket deals for the best prices on skiing in Tremblant.


MOST IMPORTANT TIP: Don’t wait until the last minute!


BUY YOUR TICKETS EARLY. It is great to be spontaneous and head to the slopes at the spur of the moment but you will definitely pay a steep price. Save some money by planning in advance. The earlier you book the better the deal. You can save as much as 33% with online brokers if you buy your tickets at least 14 days in advance. Even if you plan on skiing in Tremblant on the busiest ski days such as New Year’s , you can save by booking in advance. Preseason is the best time to get big discounts on lift tickets.


CHECK WITH THE RESORT FIRST. You should always begin by checking directly with the resort to see what special rates and discounts they may be offering. Mt Tremblant for example has several two great season pass offers, the Ikon Pass that offers you unlimited access to the mountain all season and the Tonik Pass pass for 120 days on the slopes. Both Tremblant season passes include other perks such as ticket discounts for family members, discounts on food & beverage, and much more.


ONLINE TICKET BROKERS. Online brokers such as and offer good rates and discounts that include Tremblant lift tickets. You can get as much as 15% to 80% off depending on the resort and the time of year. Often times you can get a better deal than if you had purchased directly through the resort. For example, you can purchase a 3-day lift ticket at Mt Tremblant Resort on for $174 which comes to $58 a day. A full day Adult lift ticket when purchased directly through the resort is $76.


SAVE ON MULTIDAY PASSES. If you plan on skiing several times during a season then a pass that offers multiple days of skiing should save you bundles. You can save 35% per ticket with Mont Tremblant’s latitude card. With this pass, you ski between 2-7 days starting from $64 a day compared to the regular daily price of $99.


SAVE WITH SKI PACKAGES. Look at sites like and, which offer ski vacations that bundle Tremblant lift tickets deals with lodging. These online consolidators have collaborated with resorts and hotels and have negotiated special discounted rates for vacation packages.


** There are some disadvantages that come with some of these discounted tickets you purchase on line. Many are nontransferable and cannot be cancelled or used on a different date due to inclement weather conditions.