Well known for its famous ski resort, the municipality of Mont-Tremblant is perfect for renting a chalet. 

So if you don’t feel like staying in one of the many hotels of Mont Tremblant but prefer renting a home or chalet to have this feeling of being at home, and cook whenever and whatever you feel like, then Mont Tremblant never lacks original ideas.

There are many kinds of chalets in Mont-Tremblant from 2 to 10 bedrooms. The chalets are perfect for a stay between friends or with your family.

You can find in Mont Tremblant the most incredible homes and chalets, designed by creative architects, mindful about the environment and who also put some thought in the comfort of the occupants or the extraordinary panoramic views.

You can also find more simple and basic homes and chalet. There is something for every taste.

So here is our selection !

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