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Mont Tremblant snowmobile guided tours

Mont Tremblant snowmobileMont Tremblant snowmobile guided tours are among the most exciting activities in Tremblant. What better way to explore the majestic mountains, serene lakes and beautiful rivers of the Laurentians then by snowmobile! The Laurentians region is referred to as a ‘snowmobiler’s paradise’, and boasts more than 52,000 km (32,000 miles) of marked and groomed trails.


Mont Tremblant snowmobiles are similar to a jet ski but designed to travel fast across the snow and ice and should be operated with caution. Snowmobiles in Tremblant may be rented with or without a professional guide. We recommended snowmobile rentals for those that have operated one before or have experience operating an ATV or motorcycle.


Mont Tremblant snowmobile guided tours are the best kind of sightseeing activities in Tremblant. Snowmobile tours are the perfect way to take a guided tour through the beautiful snow covered terrain while taking in the beauty of the Laurentian Mountains.


For those that like to move at a faster pace or love the thrill of an adrenaline rush, rent a snowmobile and go solo. Leave the guide behind, grab a map, and zip through the extensive network mountain trails by yourself or with a loved one.


snowmobile Tremblant, map

Trail Map

Going it alone?
Download the 2018-2019 snowmobile trail map:

Open hours:
Everyday until March 30

1.5-hour rental
8:40 am for a 9:30 departure
1:10 pm for a 2:00 departure

3-hour rental
8:20 am or a 9:10 departure
12:50 pm for a 1:40 departure

6.5 hour rental
8:40 am for a 9:30 departure